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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a proud Canadian company, SPRK Business Services has a unique opportunity to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact in countries in which we operate. The focus of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy has evolved from donating to community causes to being a strategic imperative that helps drive value for SPRK, our shareholders and society at large.

Our CSR strategy includes five priority areas: Corporate Governance, Customers, Employees, Environment and Community Investment. The work that we do in each of these categories is based on our business strategy as well as the expectations from our key stakeholders.

We make significant contributions to Tamil Cultural Centre of Toronto and take a very active part of community services through this non-profit organization.

About SPRK
SPRK Business Services had a vision to provide simple, innovative, fast and business-friendly services for small, midsize and large global businesses that are seeking accelerated growth by addressing their complex challenges