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SPRK offers a full range of business services to help organizations address challenges such as operational efficiency, international expansion, business management, trading & facilitating, technology and event management, etc. across all industries and geographies 

Immigration Portal

A comprehensive electronic source of information on the Canadian immigration process, providing guides, videos, assessments, calculators, articles written by leading immigration experts, forums to discuss peer-to-peer experiences with the immigration process, etc. This portal acts as a one-stop source for all information around Canadian Immigration process related to immigration, work, study, business, sponsorship, etc.

Information Technology

A leading provider of innovative and user-friendly IT solutions for small, midsize and large businesses with global operations. We develop cutting-edge IT solutions that help companies build visionary business models, systems, and processes. The comprehensive functionality of our fully integrated services enables our customers to manage every aspect of their business lifecycle.

Trading & Facilitation

Offers assistance and innovative solutions in the inventory, asset and collaborative requirements of medium and large organizations across major industry lines and geographies. We leverage our strength in the specific understanding of business processes and involve technology to provide innovative trading and facilitation services. We also offer to assisting exporters in developing and transition economy countries in their endeavors to gain access to new markets such as Canada.

Dust & Drop Cloth

Event Management

A full service event management firm that was created by pairing together our passion for business and events. We are a true leader in providing event management services – be it for businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, and many more across many industries, cultures, geographies, etc. We deliver our services to our clients through an array of services and solutions ranging from organizing Symposiums for thousands of people, to organizing cultural and regional events, to host trade shows, entertainment shows, etc.

About SPRK
SPRK Business Services had a vision to provide simple, innovative, fast and business-friendly services for small, midsize and large global businesses that are seeking accelerated growth by addressing their complex challenges